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How to Get Rid of Bugs Naturally

Bugs and various pests tend to flood our gardens and homes. However there's no need to us various chemicals in order to get rid of them. Instead professionals came up with a detailed list of remedies n how to get rid of bugs naturally and combat their impact on the lawn as well as our health. These imply natural ingredients as well as wise tricks that won't harm neither our nor their health. The term bug covers endless types of insects that might cause us various headaches from discomfort, fear to other more severe problems. Some would consider purchasing the harshest formula that would definitely destroy these tiny creatures. However implicitly these people might take the risk of being contaminated with the various chemical through the air and other means. These are some of the eco-friendly bug eliminator tricks.

Home Bug Natural Remedies

Pesticides are some of the most damaging and polluting chemicals. These are spread all over the world as people consider that this is the only way to get rid of pests as well as bugs in general. This misconception can lead to severe consequences. Therefore it is highly recommended to skim through the solutions on how to get rid of bugs naturally that won't presuppose the use of any chemicals and ingredients that can launch and irreversible deterioration in environment as well as our health.

Eliminating all the eco-damaging method of our house would help us create an eco-friendly home that lacks the factors that can make us ill and being contaminated with various bacteria as well as chemical elements. Bugs can be driven away rather than killed with various homemade tricks, these were already tested both by professionals and earlier on by our grandparents and societies of the past centuries when pesticides were rare on the shelves. These are only some of the most prominent method to remove bugs and pests from our house as well as garden with easy-to-handle and cheap methods.

Essential Oils

  • Scientist discovered that some of the most common bugs that might invade our home are irritated by pleasant smells. Therefore essential oils in the multitude of variations of aromas can be the perfect remedy to keep mosquito, ants and even bedbugs away. In this case all you have to do is spread the pleasant fragrances all over the house.

  • Do this with the help of a cotton ball you should dip into the essential oils. Take smaller bowls and place them in spots that might be critical for bugs as cracks in the floor or at windows.Citrus fruit aromas as lime, lemon and also orange are all smashing when dealing with bugs. Besides these particular perfumes experiment also with peppermint, tea tree oil, as well as clove, mint and last but not least eucalyptus.

  • Flies Remedy

  • Flies can spread all over your garden as well as inside the house. Though they might seem super-resistant to drugstore tricks, these bugs won't have any chance against basil. This plant will be able to keep them at a moderate distance especially when planted in pots and placed in critical sections of the house as the entrance and windows. Moreover besides basil the peel of lemon, orange as well as other citrus fruits kept fresh and spread around the house would also terrify flies and would encourage them to leave.

  • Beneficial Bugs and Plants
  • It might seem surprising that there are also beneficial bugs that can help you get rid of the harmful insects. Lady birds are among the cutest and most loving bugs that would ally with you in the elimination of damaging pests. Moreover there are also well-known plants that have the quality of sparing your home and garden from the invasion of bugs. These are catnip as well as Chives and also chrysanthemums. All these helpers should find their well-deserved place in your garden besides the other animals as frogs, birds as and also apparently scary bats that can all serve as best aids in your battle against the attack of bad bugs.

  • Hot Pepper and Garlic

  • These ingredients will prove to be extremely efficient not only to lose weight and fight various infections that affect our health but also to combat the bug invasion. As a consequence it is highly recommended to create a solution of garlic and hot pepper and sprinkle it all over the house. You can limit yourself to the affected areas if the problem is not so severe.

  • Cracks and other delicate sections of your home should definitely have a taste of this miraculous solution. Doorways, windows as well as plants can be tackled with great care. Make sure you save some for the garden furniture especially if it made of wood and bugs might find their favorite place in the tiny and hidden corners.

  • Ants Remedies

  • Ants are also a great danger for our house. Though these might not sting or bite us still can spread all over our home through the tiny cracks in order to grab some food for the hard times. However there's no need to appeal to pesticide instead use some baby powder. This ingredient when sprinkled on the affected areas of the house as well as the garden will drive them away. This way you'll be able to secure the spotless condition of your rooms and kitchen which is most often invaded by these tiny creatures.

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