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Natural Cleaning Solutions

Though cleaning technology develops extremely quickly some would be keen to use the traditional natural cleaning solutions as the best means to keep their home spotless. Chemical-based ingredients can often have a damaging effect not only on the smooth and refined surfaces but also our health. Professional products often use harsh elements to combat the dirt and other residues that flood our house. Experimenting with the most time-tested recipes instead of appealing to a cleaning service is the best remedy to save our pocket as well as flawless physical condition.

Natural Cleaning Solutions

Green home cleaning is a real rarity nowadays. People tend to rely on the power of strong chemicals and artificial elements to eliminate the threatening factors from the various rooms. In spite of the fact that these can provoke a series of unfortunate reactions and various skin allergies, we tend to pile them up when it comes of a thorough, spring cleaning-style event. In the past when there were no colorful commercials and complex formulas our grandmothers appealed to the basic ingredients found in the kitchen. The tradition of substituting drugstore cleaning products with vinegar, baking soda and other elements is adopted mainly by those who are keen to turn back to basics and use pure and chemical-free lotions and substances for the sake of the family and even guests. Learn more about the main assets of the following ingredients to revolutionize your cleaning routine and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lemon Juice: This is one of the old school cleaning liquids that manages to rival professional products with its main quality, namely acidity. The bathroom can be the main target when using lemon since it has the miraculous ability to dissolve hard water residues as well as soap scum that often ruins the look and spotless condition of this room.

    However it seems that this natural cleaning product is more versatile than we thought. Those who are eager to challenge its power can cut a lemon in half and rub the dirty surface of dishes and even kitchen furniture and stains will fabulously disappear. Moreover lemon will also create a pleasant aura to the house by emanating a splendid perfume that can spreads all over the home.

    Take advantage of the acidity to clean stubborn stains from your household items. Those who are willing to use it for various metals can appeal to it in order to reveal the shine of copper when spoons, dishes and other things are covered with a thick dirt layer.

  • Baking Soda: Probably one of the most well-known and requested natural cleaning product is the baking soda. Not only your house but also your clothes, shoes and even tapestry can benefit from the terrific effect of this natural resource.

    Stubborn stains as wine, rust and also lipstick can be easily eliminated with the help of a traditional recipe using as it main ingredient baking soda. Add a few drops of water to it in order to prepare a fine paste.

    This way you'll add an alkaline quality to the whole mixture which is the main reason why it's able to penetrate into the depth of dirt and also grease and would spare carpets, curtains and even the floor from grime. Pamper your bathroom and especially the kitchen with this element, feel free to use it naturally without additional chemicals.

  • Vinegar: In the old days vinegar was considered a miraculous potion which is able not only to 'sweeten' our meal but also to strip off our home from the accumulated filth. Paired with lemon juice makes a smashing mixture used in all corners of the house.

    If you decide to appeal to it in its natural form, you'll be able to fight tenacious dirt patches. On the other hand if you aim to remove a stain from a delicate surface dilute it with a few drops of water. Apply a few teaspoons of vinegar on a cloth and clean the bathroom from the soap scums, rust and other grime. Use it on ceramic piles, metals and all kinds of surfaces except marble. Remember your windows won't glitter from anything, more than being cleansed with vinegar. Our grandmothers used it to give back the spotless state of mirrors, glasses and windows with the help of white vinegar.

  • Salt: Salt is also one of the ancient natural cleaning ingredients. Due to its power to cleanse surfaces in both kitchen and bathroom. Often paired with vinegar it will be able to keep mildew and mold from tiles, sinks as well as shower curtains.

    Furthermore some green cleaning devotees also use it as the main tool to spare brass from any stains and dirt. Dip a half of a lemon into salt and rub the filthy surfaces with it for an breath-taking shiny effect.

  • Create a health-friendly environment in your house by appealing to the natural cleaning solutions. Experimenter with these ingredients, without taking the risk of any allergic or unpleasant side-effect. Do a green makeover to your carpet, tapestry and home furniture cleaning rituals for the guaranteed dazzling effect.

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