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Speed Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is certainly not a pleasant task but it is a necessary requirement for the inviting home we all desire. Learning some tips for fast cleaning might be the answer that makes the difference between a dreadful task and the satisfying feeling of relief that a spotless home can provide.

The time required for cleaning depends mostly on organization. Having a plan is is useful before getting to work because it allows you to think your actions accurately and eliminate some of the actions that might slow you down. Planning an efficient cleaning routine can also be a great motivator because it may give you a sense of achievement and it can build momentum. Here are a few ideas that can help you speed your cleaning routine:

  • Create a cleaning schedule

  • A huge cleaning routine in the weekend can be very tiresome,not to mention extremely boring. It is better to divide cleaning tasks during the week so they don't mount up in the weekend. Daily maintenance routines are also important so depending on the time you have allotted each day for maintenance, decide what tasks you are going to perform. For example if bathroom cleaning takes up the least of your time,schedule it in a day when you have less time to do other things.

    Try to determine what maintenance tasks you can perform in small time blocks each day. For example if you only have 5 minutes for a maintenance task you may want to try quickly fold your clean clothes and put them in your drawer,wipe the mirror and the faucet in the bathroom or wipe out the stove top in the kitchen.

  • Gather all your cleaning supplies

  • The time needed for a cleaning routine will increase if you have to go multiple times to get the products you need for the task. Instead,try to put all your cleaning supplies in a bucket and carry it with you wherever you go.
    That way you have all the tools you need at hand and you have fewer distractions from your tasks.

  • Clean from top to bottom

  • To prevent doing the same task twice start cleaning from top to bottom. If you start from the ceiling you and work your way down you won't have to worry for example,that cob webs might fall on the previously cleaned surfaces. Also don't put the same effort in each cleaning task. For example vertical surfaces require less cleaning than horizontal surfaces so don't spend the same amount of effort for both surfaces.

  • Keep track of your time

  • Try to decide the amount of time you are willing to spend cleaning each room. Keep a timer and don't exceed that time. Each time try to find ways to get the job done in less time. To be able to clean faster,make every movement count. Decide that you are not going to return to a room once you cleaned it unless you have to mop the floor.

  • Work as a team

  • Cleaning is a family responsibility so it makes sense that everyone must contribute. Divide the work between your family members. You can either assign every family member a specific task such a decluttering or you can establish that each family members cleans a certain area from the house. Make sure you assign tasks equally and that each member can accomplish the tasks that were given to him.

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